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Why Study Abroad?

Studying Abroad is a dream for lots of college students who need to pursue better training in a foreign country. But how do you select the proper vacation spot, route, and group on your study abroad adventure?

How do you prepare yourself for the demanding situations and opportunities that watch for you in a brand new subculture and surroundings?

How do you make the most of your experience abroad, revel in, and obtain your educational and professional dreams?

Those are a number of questions that you might have as a potential observer abroad student. And those are the questions that we, at iBook consultancy in Hyderabad, will let you answer.

We are a group of experienced and qualified experts who offer comprehensive steering and aid for college kids who want to study abroad.

Here are some popular courses to study abroad:

Business and Management: Those programs are to be had globally and provide plenty of possibilities to develop business abilities in one-of-a-kind cultures.

Engineering: Various countries are recognized for their technical knowledge and education in engineering, together with Germany, Japan, and the United States.

Computer Science and I.T.: With the increase of the era, an increasing number of college students are pursuing courses in computer technological know-how and I.T. because it offers a wide variety of possibilities in diverse industries.

Medicine and Healthcare: Students inquisitive about the healthcare subject can locate several observation abroad packages in diverse international locations, which include the U.K., the U.S., Australia, and Canada.

Environmental studies: With growing awareness of the surroundings, students can opt for specialized programs in environmental studies that deal with fields like sustainable improvement, environmental regulations, and renewable energy.

Creative Arts and Design: Students who have a passion for innovative arts can locate numerous possibilities abroad to enhance their capabilities in fields like photo layout, style, filmmaking, and media.

Law: College students inquisitive about criminal studies can choose to have a look at abroad applications in international locations known for his or her strong prison structures. This includes the U.K., America, Canada, and Australia.

Hospitality and Tourism: College students interested in working within the hospitality and tourism industry can locate programs abroad that provide a comprehensive look inside the hospitality sector.

These are simply some of the popular guides that scholars can pursue at the same time as reading abroad.

iBook Consultancy: The Best Overseas Education Consultants in Hyderabad

Are you dreaming of studying abroad at a reputed college? Do you want to explore the sector and beautify your career possibilities?

If yes, you want the steerage and help of a professional Overseas consultancy in Hyderabad representative who permits you to obtain your desires. iBook Consultancy is one of the best Overseas consultancy in Hyderabad, presenting offerings and understanding that will help you make the right selection for your destiny.

Whether you need to look within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, or any other USA, we've got the experience and expertise to assist you.


Locating the proper route and college to your abroad journey can be a frightening assignment. There are a lot of elements to recollect, which include your hobbies, desires, price range, eligibility, and options.

You may experience being beaten by way of the amount of data and options to be had online and offline. How do you make the first-class decision about your future?

That's where we at iBook can help you. We're a team of experienced and qualified experts who provide comprehensive guidance and aid for students who want to have a look abroad. We offer the following services:

Our offerings

At iBook Consultancy, we provide complete and personalized services to our clients, such as:

Counseling: We assist you in apprehending your strengths, interests, and alternatives and propose high-quality courses in the USA. Based on your profile and desires.

College Shortlisting: We help you pick out the most suitable and reputed universities for your preferred path primarily based on their rating, accreditation, curriculum, faculty, centers, and location possibilities.

Application: We help you put together and submit your application to the colleges of your preference, ensuring that you meet all the necessities and deadlines.

Scholarship: We assist you in observing for scholarships and monetary aid from diverse sources, including universities, governments, foundations, and organizations.

Loan: We help you set up the essential budget for your training through loans from banks or other establishments.

Visa help: This is our service that helps you with the visa necessities and processes for your chosen vacation spot. We will help you in preparing for the visa interview and documentation. We are able to additionally guide you on the way to avoid not unusual visa mistakes and pitfalls.

Pre-departure aid: We assist you with the pre-departure formalities, which include booking tickets, lodging, coverage, foreign exchange, etc. We also offer orientation sessions to familiarize you with your destination, United States subculture, lifestyle, and expectations.


iBook has the scale and expertise to help students access world-class education and turn this accomplishment into a career launchpad. Our package helps students build their dream lives whether they want to settle, work, or study abroad.


Professional counseling helps one choose the right course and college. Our expert counselors will take care of the students who want to study in other countries. Our international study counselors will assist you in picking and gaining admission to colleges. The study procedure itself is far more difficult than university entrance. But no need to worry; our experts will take care of everything.

- Career-oriented counseling: We help you identify your interests, strengths, and goals and suggest the best course and country options for you based on your profile and preferences. We also help you plan your career path and prepare for the challenges and opportunities in the global market.

- Emphasis on futuristic courses and careers: We help you choose courses that are relevant, innovative, and in-demand in the current and future scenarios. We also help you explore careers that are aligned with your passion, potential, and purpose.

- Interactive sessions with university delegates: We help you interact with representatives from various universities and colleges across the world. You can ask your questions, clarify doubts, and get firsthand information about the courses, admission criteria, scholarships, facilities, etc.

- Course, Country & University selection: We help you narrow down your choices and select the best course, country, and university for you. We also help you compare different options based on factors such as ranking, fees, intake, curriculum, etc.

- Make precise academic and career decisions: We help you make informed and confident decisions about your academic and career goals. We also help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option and guide you through the process.

-University comparison – rankings, courses & scholarships: We help you compare different universities and colleges based on their rankings, courses offered, scholarships available, etc. We also help you understand the eligibility criteria, application process, deadlines, etc.

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Choose the right intake, apply smartly and timely to courses and universities that are the right fit, and receive offers in no time.

- Application & Admission: We help you with the entire application and admission process, from choosing the right course to helping with the entrance exams to the application process. We also help you with the documentation, transcripts, essays, etc.

- Flawless applications - assured admits: We help you create flawless applications that highlight your strengths and achievements. We also ensure that your applications are submitted on time and follow the guidelines of each university. We guarantee that you will receive admission from your preferred universities.

- High-quality SOPs, LORs, and Resumes: We help you craft high-quality statements of purpose (SOPs), letters of recommendation (LORs), and resumes that showcase your personality, skills, and goals. We also help you tailor them according to each university's requirements and expectations.

- Real-time application tracking & follow-through with universities: We help you track the status of your applications in real-time and follow up with the universities if needed. We also help you communicate with the admission officers and resolve any issues or queries.

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Our global universities have plenty of scholarships which are on offer, and we will help you apply and identify the ones you deserve the most.

- Alerts on latest and high-value scholarships: We help you stay updated on the latest and high-value scholarships offered by various universities and organizations. We also help you find scholarships that match your profile and preferences.

- Guidance on 'how' to apply for scholarships: We help you understand how to apply for scholarships effectively. We also help you prepare the required documents, essays, interviews, etc.

- Apply for programs offering guaranteed internships: We help you apply for programs that offer guaranteed internships as part of their curriculum. These internships can help you gain practical experience and skills in your field of study.

- Guidance on paid/unpaid internships: We help you understand the ultimate difference between paid and unpaid internships and how they can help you benefit in your career. We also help you find internships that suit your interests and goals.

- Know your placement periods and stipends: We help you know when and how long your placement periods are and how much stipend you can expect from them. We also help you negotiate your terms and conditions with your employers.

-Study Loans through 17+ leading Banks & NBFCs: We help you avail yourself of study loans from 17+ leading banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) at attractive, flexible interest rates repayment options. We also help you with the loan documentation and approval process.

-Financial structuring to suit your university: We help you structure your finances to suit your chosen university and course. We also help you plan your budget and expenses for your study abroad journey.

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Our skilled and smart visa experts will help you present and prepare your visa documents to Embassies to ensure a successful visa outcome in minimal time.

- Impeccable guidance on visa documentation: We help you with the visa requirements and procedures for your chosen destination. We also help you prepare and submit your visa documents in a timely and accurate manner.

- Excellent visa success ratio across all countries: We have an excellent visa success ratio across all countries and visa categories. We also have a proven track record of securing visas for students with low academic scores, backlogs, gaps, etc.

- Mock visa interviews: We help you prepare for the visa interview by conducting mock interviews and providing feedback and tips. We also help you overcome your nervousness and boost your confidence.

We are more than just a study abroad consultancy in Hyderabad. We are your mentors, your friends, and your partners in your study abroad journey. We are here to make your study abroad dream come true. Contact us today and let us help you with our study abroad package

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Our knowledge

We have a crew of certified and experienced counselors who have been in the subject of remote places training for many years. They have information on the schooling systems, admission tactics, visa regulations, and professional opportunities of various nations. Additionally, they have robust connections with universities and immigration authorities across the globe.

Our reputation

We have a tested tune report of fulfillment in helping thousands of students attain their desires of studying abroad. We've received high-quality feedback and critiques from our customers, who have favored our professionalism, honesty, transparency, and determination.

Diverse businesses have additionally diagnosed and provided us with our excellence in Overseas consultancy in Hyderabad.

Our vision

Our imaginative and prescient is to be the most depended on and favored Overseas consultancy in Hyderabad, presenting quality and dependable offerings to our customers.

Our project

Our assignment is to assist our customers in satisfying their aspirations of analyzing overseas by supplying them with first-class guidance and guidance at every step.

Our Achievements

A number of our achievements include:

Supporting more than thousands students get admission to top universities the world over. Securing more than thousands of financial resources for our customers, achieving more than ninety-five percent visa achievement rate for our customers, and accomplishing more than hundreds seminars and workshops on distant places of schooling..

Partnering with more than two hundred universities in nations like the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Finland, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, and greater presenting guides and schooling for tests like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, DUOLINGO, PTE etc.

In case you are looking for satisfactory Overseas consultancy in Hyderabad, look no in addition to iBook Consultancy. Contact us nowadays to speak with an expert about your specific wishes.

Some Related Faq’s

A: iBook Consultancy specializes in providing their students with proper guidance and assistance who aspire to study abroad in countries like the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and more. We help with various aspects of the application and admission process.

A: iBook Consultancy offers a range of services, including counseling, college shortlisting, application assistance, scholarship guidance, visa help, and pre-departure support. We provide comprehensive support to make the study abroad process smoother.

A: Yes, iBook Consultancy has a team of qualified and experienced counselors with years of experience in the field of overseas education. We are knowledgeable about different education systems and admission procedures.

A: Yes, iBook Consultancy helps students apply for scholarships and financial aid from various sources, including universities, governments, foundations, and organizations.

A: iBook Consultancy boasts a high visa success rate, with over 95% of their clients successfully obtaining student visas for their chosen destinations.

A: Yes, iBook Consultancy provides guidance and coaching for various standardized exams that are required for admission to international universities.

A: iBook Consultancy has supported more than 10,000 students in gaining admission to top universities across the globe.

A: Yes, iBook Consultancy has partnerships with over 200 universities in countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, and more.

A: iBook Consultancy is known for its professionalism, honesty, transparency, and dedication to helping students achieve their study abroad aspirations. Our extensive experience and positive feedback from clients distinguish them in the field.

A: To discuss your specific study abroad needs and get in touch with iBook Consultancy, you can contact them today through their provided contact information on their website or by giving them a call.

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