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Why PTE?

The candidate must take the PTE Academic test at a secure Pearson testing site. A computer and headset are used to listen to, read, and react to questions during the test. The three-hour test will be divided into three parts: speaking and writing (both together), listening, and reading. There are twenty different question forms in total, ranging from multiple choice to essay writing and information interpretation.

PTE Academic tests real-world, academic English, candidates will hear lecture excerpts and see graphs and charts. In addition, the candidate will hear a variety of accents in the test, ranging from British and American to non-native speakers, giving them exposure to the types of accents prevalent in daily life.

This test is designed in such a way - to determine the candidate's English skills that are planning to study or work in abroad.

Who Takes PTE?

This PTE test is mainly designed for people who are no longer natives of English-speaking countries. Most of the universities in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and no longer only these countries however many institutions throughout the globe accept PTE - as it acquired its excellent standards. Australia accepts PTE scores for immigration (Permanent Resident) motive as well.




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